Drawing Contest 2014


4th annual World Environment Day! In support of the UN designation of 2014 as the International Year of Small Island Developing States (SIDS), WED this year will adopt SIDS in the broader context of climate change as its theme.

SIDS (Small Island Developing States)

The main objective is to encourage a greater understanding of the importance of SIDS and of the urgency to help protect the islands in the face of growing risks and vulnerabilities, particularly as a result of climate change.

“Four degrees would be devastating for islands and this report confirms the worst fears of many small island states like Seychelles. We welcome this timely report and we reiterate our call alongside the community of SIDS, LDCs and African countries to limit global temperature increases to below 1.5 degrees. The question of climate change can only be dealt with if we act on the scientific evidence- and act rapidly and decisively to turn the tide. Saving islands, also means saving the planet.”.

James Michel,

President of the Republic of the Seychelles, from global leaders on the World Bank “Turn Down The Heat” report and the climate challenge

The Codrington School of Barbados. World Environment Day 2014 MURAL

This activity, in support of World Environment Day 2014 celebration, was organized by PYP8 Teacher, James Weekes and his students invited us to participate in the painting of a mural to recognize and represent sustainability in Barbados.

 “…The mural has been designed to represent sustainability in Barbados and the different concepts we have looked out throughout this project. The ideas learnt by these nine students will stay with them for a long time as they build up to become life-long learners and productive members of Barbadian society and those societies they may belong to in the future.”

“The PYP 8 Exhibition at The Codrington School, The International School of Barbados, May 2014”.

James Weekes,
PYP8 Teacher. Codrington School of Barbados 2014

Getting our kids directly involved in this allows them to become ambassadors of change in our society. Our contest is foremost a tool to motivate Green thinking in our children allowing them to explore through their drawings the importance of the environment in our world.

As is now our tradition, this contest’s objective is to take the creativity and sensibility of our children as an opportunity to learn and talk as families about how to make our best contribution to a better planet.

In this edition we have chosen the subject LIVING IN AN ISLAND, to be aligned with the campaign of the United Nations Organization about the danger that menace many small islands if the global warming level up the seas.

We want to center our own campaign in the positive side of living in an island, in order to stimulate the imagination of our little ones and to invite them to think about the different ways to make that lifestyle sustainable.

Learn more about islands and rising sea levels

Raise your voice, not the sea level
nika asanishvili

I just submitted my video blog to win a trip to a Small Island for World Environment Day 2014. Watch it and be inspired to celebrate WED !

Pocoyo – World Environment Day
June 5th is World Environment Day and Pocoyo can’t do anything but get involved! With the help of Elly, Pato and the rest of his friends he will learn how to make the most of our planets natural resources. Are you ready to help?.

World Environment Day 2014

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente 2014
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Pocoyo – Día mundial del medio ambiente

¡El 5 de junio es el Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente y Pocoyó no puede hacer nada más que involucrarse! Con la ayuda de Elly, Pato y el resto de sus amigos, aprenderá a aprovechar al máximo los recursos naturales de nuestro planeta. ¿Estás listo para ayudar?

Vuelve El Desafío del Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente. Échale un vistazo.
UN Environment Programme

Los Embajadores de Buena Voluntad del PNUMA Don Cheadle, Yaya Touré, Gisele Bündchen e Ian Somerhalder han enviado un mensaje de auxilio al mundo para que actúes por el Día Mundial del Medio Ambiente uniéndote a sus equipos y combatiendo el cambio climático. ¿Cómo harás frente al desafío?