Drawing Contest 2017


When invited to someone else’s home, we want to show our best side, to be kind with our hosts, to appreciate that very intimate gesture which is to let us in into their private world.

We want to be good guests and leave the hosts with the best impression of us

However, the ocean ecosystem should have a different opinion of the human presence as a guest in its world.


Oceans count for 71% of Earth’s surface.

Water pollution is a problem that menaces, first of all, the marine species, but it is also a threat to us, the ones who live on land.

“How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean.”

Sir Arthur Charles Clarke,
British science fiction writer, science writer and futurist, inventor, undersea explorer, and television series host.

Oceanic Fauna

and the real danger of extintion

If someone asked us which animals depend on the ocean, what do you think would be your answer? 

The answer is simple: 

all of them. Every animal that lives on Earth, including us, is affected by what happens to the ocean.

“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Mahatma Gandhi,
Indian lawyer, anti-colonial nationalist, and political ethicist.

What do we think about the effect of our contact with the seas?

Aren’t corals fascinating? Well, more than half of the coral reefs on our planet are threatened by human activity. 

Well, more than half of the coral reefs on our planet are threatened by human activity. The greatest threats to reefs are rising water temperatures and ocean acidification linked to rising carbon dioxide levels. Overfishing and overharvesting of corals also disrupt reef ecosystems.

“Think about this: If water is the blood of our planet flowing through veinous rivers, streams, and into our oceans, what does that make coral? Our heart. We simply cannot survive without our heart; therefore, it’s mandatory we heal and protect our coral reefs now.”.

Ian Somerhalder,
American actor, model, activist and director.

“Your artwork can make a big splash, so put your heart into it and let’s get the message out and save the oceans together”

Roderic Mast. President/CEO of Oceanic Society. Invited Judge 2017

Explore this year theme trough our InfoKits
Explore this year theme trough our InfoKits
Explore this year theme trough our InfoKits
Explore this year theme trough our InfoKits

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Hola en este video te mostraremos los diferentes océanos que hay en nuestro planeta tierra.

¿Sabes que en el fondo del mar hay montañas y llanuras? y… ¿Sabías en que se diferencian los mares de los océanos?

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