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Everything we have explored and learned during the last ten years is interconnected with Biodiversity. The forest, the food chain, the ocean, endangered species and human activity such as biomimetics are essential pieces of the planet’s balance and biodiversity.

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Biodiversity is all the different types of life you will find in one area, from bacteria, fungi, plants, animals, habitats and genetic differences acting together to create ecosystems that support life and balance on Earth.

“No one will protect what they don’t care about, and no one will care about what they have never experienced.”

David Attenborough,
English broadcaster and natural historian.

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The Jungle
Plum describes to her friends on planet Blorb why rainforests are home to so many plants and animals, and how some of the oxygen in the air you breathe might have come from rainforest plants thousands of miles away. 

Biodiversity Bingo.
You don’t have to go to some faraway world to explore; you can do that right here at home. Join Zuzu, Annie and their friends in a game of “biodiversity bingo” to see what strange and interesting things might be lurking in YOUR backyard.
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Targeting young children about biological diversity around them, the 3 films depict the importance of small insects like bees, earthworms and ant in sustaining our lives.

Top creaciones y diseños inspirados en la naturaleza (Biomimética).
Creaciones y diseños inspirados en la naturaleza.

Qué es la Biomimética
DR Eduardo Favret / Investigador del INTA/ CONICET nos enseÑa quÉ es la Biomimética: La naturaleza que nos deslumbra.

La Biomimética
Te invitamos a revisar un vídeo resumen de la Biomimética, el tema del año del Programa Explora de CONICYT.

Biodiversity Loss – A Documentary
The Documentaries

Watch till the end. (HD)
A documentary by grade 10 students from MSU-IIT IDS.
Bianca Maureen Cruz, Michaela Apilat, Daphney Babia, Earl Andrew Ruelo, Edjul Lorejo

What future is there for global biodiversity?

What is happening to life on earth? What are the pressures affecting biological diversity globally, and what can be done to stop its decline? A new short animated film by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency brings you to the year 2050 and shows you the future is not fixed: choices we as society make today will determine what the world will look like in decades time.

5 Ecosystems Thriving in the Least Likely Places

Around the world, living things have managed to build truly extraordinary ecosystems in some of the last places you would think to look. Understanding these ecosystems can help us protect or repair them, and it can also help us appreciate how incredibly resilient and creative living things can be.
Hosted by: Hank Green

Dinosaurios, Robots y Biomimética
Expositor: Bruno Grossi, Biólogo chileno; Doctor en Ecología y Biología Evolutiva; Académico e Investigador de la Facultad de Ciencias Físicas y Matemáticas de la Universidad de Chile y Ganador del Premio IgNobel 2015.

Biomimética del cóndor
Los extremos curvados de las alas en los aviones comerciales están basados en las terminaciones de las alas de grandes aves como el cóndor, el águila y la cigüeña

La biomimética es una disciplina a través de la cual se genera tecnología basada en la imitación de mecanismos de la naturaleza.